Literature Club

We are incredibly fortunate to have a lit club here at OLA! One of our parents, Ms Siobhan Bergin, assisted by Mrs Norton, provides literature and follow up discussions/activities to build our children's love for reading.

During our school assemblies, children are responsible for planning and running a 'lit quiz', which involves asking specific questions to each team (Rutherford, Sheppard, Batten and Hillary) to test their knowledge of literature.  They even ask adults a question at the end of their quiz so if you are at our school assemblies, be prepared to answer a 'lit quiz' question!

At present it is open to all students in Year 5-8.
The children meet weekly, Wednesdays at lunchtime.

Lit Club Objectives:
  • To encourage students to get into the habit of reading
  • To develop a lifelong love of books and reading
  • To read and discuss books in a fun environment
  • To provide direction for enthusiastic readers
  • To provide extension for enthusiastic readers

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