General Information

Absence and Lateness

There are many reasons why a child may be kept at home for the day and we would ask in each case that parents either phone or email the school office in the morning to explain the absence, or submit an absence via the Hero App.   The attendance register is taken each morning after 9 a.m. and unexplained absences are followed up by the school daily.  When your child is unwell please keep them at home to allow the best chance of recovery and to protect those at school, often a day early can save a week later on.  It is expected that parents will endeavour to have children at school before classes are due to start.  Children need a few minutes to prepare their belongings first thing in the morning and this should be kept in mind.  The bell goes at 8.55 a.m. and school begins at 9.00 a.m.

Attendance Dues

Accounts are sent from the Catholic Diocese. Dues are used to pay off the capital debt still owing on most Catholic schools, including ours. In cases of hardship please discuss with the Parish Priest or the Principal.

Bicycles and Scooters

A few children bike or scooter to school and stands are provided at the back of the school. These are not to be ridden within school grounds.

Board of Trustees

The BOT has responsibility for the governance of the school.

Cars, Parking and Road Safety

If you are visiting the school, or dropping off or collecting your children, please park outside the school gates.  Please consider the Hoon Hay residents when you are parking on Hoon Hay Rd.
  • Do not park over or up driveways.
  • Ensure there is enough room for people to get up their driveways.
  • The Presbytery carpark (behind the church) is not available for school parking. 
  • Do not park on yellow lines.
  • Please do not park in the BP Service Station.
Please use the traffic lights to cross either Sparks or Hoon Hay Roads.  It is not appropriate to choose to cross your children at a different spot on either of these roads.  We all need to set an example so our children learn safe practices. Please support us with this.


Newsletters are emailed to parents and caregivers fortnightly as well as being posted on the website.  Please see the office for details.


If you have any concerns about school matters the Board of Trustees would encourage you to see the appropriate person as soon as possible.

  The most helpful thing for you, our Board, and for our schools is for you to raise any concerns that you may have as soon as possible.  
  1. Arrange an acceptable time to meet with the appropriate person.
  2. The class teacher is always the first person to talk to.
  3. If talking with the class teacher does not resolve the concern then you can talk with the Team Leader.  The Rutherford Team (Y1 & 2) Leader is Mary Shaw;  the Sheppard Team (Y2-4) Leader is Karen Norton; the Batten Team (Y5 & 6) Leader is Vicki Welsh, and the Hillary Hub (Y7 & 8) Team Leader is Amanda Campbell.
  4. The Principal is always available to talk to parents who have 
exhausted the two avenues of approach, or have concerns of a 
serious or sensitive nature, or wish to discuss matters concerning 
the school generally.

  5. The Board of Trustees is the next 
alternative, if other avenues have been exhausted, or if you feel
 your concerns have not been dealt with effectively.

Our complaints policy can be viewed at:
  • user name: ola
  • password: assume11
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Emergency Procedures

Civil Defence measures have been developed at our school. Realistic commonsense procedures have been established among the staff and children to decrease anxiety and the possibility of panic in the case of an emergency. The school has an Emergency Evacuation Plan. The Emergency Contacts you have given us are essential. These lists will be updated regularly, so please keep us advised if there is any change of address, home and work phone numbers and names of the emergency contacts. 

The types of emergencies that we have made safety measures for include:

  1. When an earthquake occurs.

  2. In the event of fire.

  3. Storm force winds.
Industrial accidents (nearby)
In the case of any of the above emergencies taking place please keep in touch with the radio for Civil Defence Instructions.

​First Aid Treatment to Pupils

A staff member treats minor injuries, of the sticking plaster and sting variety, on the spot. If it is felt that a doctor’s advice is necessary then parents will be contacted immediately and arrangements made. If parents, or emergency contacts, cannot be contacted then the school will proceed with treatment. There are times when children become ill at school and we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible. Please advise the school if pupils need to take any forms of medication during the day. A Medical Register and Incidents Report Form are kept at school.


For advice on how long to keep children home from school, dealing with head lice and other school-related health topics, please refer to the links below.

Helping Hands

The school has created a list of people that are able to help out when any of our families are in need. This has been utilised many times and many people in our school community have made use of this. If you would like to add your name to the list of helpers fill in the survey and / or let us know at the office and we will ensure this happens. We have a wonderful database of parents from our school community however we always need more.


The school library has an extensive collection of books for children to borrow. Each class will visit the library once a week.

Lost Property

All lost property is collected and placed in a lost property box in the library. Parents are encouraged to regularly check the lost property box for missing items.


The school is registered with LunchOnline which is an online lunch ordering system. Lunches are provided by Sydenham Bakery or Pita Pit and available on Fridays. Before you can order lunches, you must register with LunchOnline and credit your account. For more information, refer to the Lunches page.


Each team is rostered to attend Mass approximately once per term on a Friday morning.

Twice a year, each team attends Mass on a Sunday morning with the Parish.  The roster is as follows ..

Term 1 Batten and Rutherford Teams.
Term 2 Hillary and Sheppard Teams.
Term 3 Batten and Rutherford Teams.
Term 4 Hillary and Sheppard Teams.


If your child requires medication at school, please take it to the office and sign the consent form.


Newsletters are e-mailed to parents and placed on the website fortnightly on a Thursday. Other notices are placed on the News Center page on the website.​

Parent Teacher Association

The PTA is active in fundraising for school initiatives. All parents are invited to join the PTA. The PTA meets monthly on a Monday evening. For more information, refer to the PTA page.

​Parental Involvement

The school welcomes parent involvement in a variety of ways. Parents currently help with testing spelling (FRoGS) before school, with road patrol, with manning the library and covering library books, classroom parent help (especially for new entrants), coaching sport, working bees and garden maintenance, as well as through the PTA.



The school regularly takes photographs of children participating in school events. However, all parents must provide consent for photographs to be used on the website. Only first names are ever used to identify children in photographs. Professional school photos are arranged once a year and the purchase of these is optional.

Physical Education

The school actively promotes physical education as part of the school curriculum.


The school subscribes to SchoolDocs for managing Policies. Read school policies.

School Hours

School starts at 9 a.m. and finishes at 3 p.m. weekdays.  Morning tea is from 10:40a.m. until 11a.m.  Lunch is from 12:30p.m. until 1:30p.m.

​Special Character

Our Catholic School provides a sound faith knowledge and opportunity for all students in conjunction with the Parish church, Our Lady of the Assumption.
  We encourage active participation in our Parish through Altar Serving, Youth Group and support of various Parish events.

Special Needs

If you feel your child requires learning support, please contact your child’s teacher. Any child identified through pupil assessment as having a significant learning need, whether remedial or extension, will have their needs met. We also encourage parents to communicate other specific needs to staff. Our school philosophy is one of inclusion, which means we aim to address all learning needs in the classroom situation.


Children participate in a range of sports throughout the year.
  • Term 1:            Swimming sports
  • Term 2:            Cross country
  • Terms 2 & 3:   Primary School Winter Sports for Senior students (year 5 and up); 
  • Term 4:            Athletics
Opportunities may also occur in other activities which will be communicated as they arise.


A full stationery list will be provided by your child’s teacher at the end of year and prior to starting for new entrants. All school books must be covered and an easy way to cover them is to use EZ-Covers.


Children participate in swimming lessons each day for two weeks in term 4. Costs for these lessons will be billed to your school account.

Taking Children from School

Please communicate any leave, for whatever reason to either the class teacher or the school office. Absences may be recorded and left as a message by phoning the school on 03 338 9503.​  If you are taking your child from school early or for an appointment, please sign your child out on the ipad located in the school office.  


A full uniform list can be found on the Uniform page on the website along with guidelines. The PTA also hold two 2nd hand uniform sales per year. 

Working Bees

Many hands make light work! From time to time we may call on your help to assist with work in our community.