'We are Respectful, Responsible, Life Long Learners who live our Faith every day'.

At Our Lady of the Assumption School, we have 4 key Values which guide your child(ren) throughout their school journey from Year 0 - Year 8.  

These Values are ....

* Respect

* Responsiblity

* Life long learning

* Faith

Our children work at different stages within these values ... they start off with being a 'Seed', then progress on to the 'Seedling' stage, before moving on to being a 'Sapling' then ultimately becoming a 'Tree'.

In addition to these values underpinning everything we do, one value is specifically focussed on in each Value Assembly.  These assemblies occur twice a term and are run by our Young Vinnie's Leadership Team.   

These values at Our Lady of the Assumption School are displayed in every classroom/learning environment.  This is so that the children are able to reflect on where they are, where they have been and where they are working towards.  Please feel free to visit any room to read the progressions on each of these posters.