Green Fingers Club

Every Monday lunchtime, the Green Fingers Club meets in our very special gardening area named the 'Good Life'.  The Green Fingers Club is open to all children - even our 5 year olds are members!

Our Eco Leaders are responsible for this club and are wonderful leaders to the children from other areas of the school.  

We are also VERY fortunate to have one of our wonderful parents, Mrs Maslen, to assist and guide us in what we should be planting and when!  Mrs Maslen joins us each Monday - something we are extremely grateful for.

Our club isn't just about gardening - there is a major emphasis on using what we grow.  As well as selling our produce, we use it to make yummy food, such as rhubarb cake and chips.

We are of course joined by our friendly hens - Hen Solo, Sprinkles, Malukka and Pom Pom.