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Year 8 Leadership Program

Year 7/8 intermediate age students are the leaders and role models in a full primary school. They are seen by others in the school as the leaders and younger students to look up to them. 
All our Year 8 students will be student leaders and will have the opportunity to lead the school at different times. They will be tasked with raising the profile of their area of leadership within the school. We have developed 6 different leadership areas and all year 8 students will receive a leadership responsibility in one of these areas. 
Leadership Area Leadership Responsibilities 
PALs (Physical Activity Leaders) Organise and lead house groups on sports days
Provide opportunities for organised sport at lunchtime 
Special Character Lead values assemblies and promote special character values
Lead House groups in special character initiatives
ICT Support teachers and students with class blogs
Keep community informed of events through blogs, and support elearning across the school
Environmental Lead and promote school wide sustainability initiatives 
Lead house groups in environmental challenges and explore ways to promote sustainability in school community
Student Council Lead student council meetings ensuring the student voice is heard and acted upon 
Fundraise for student council initiatives

All year 8 students will have the opportunity to deliver the house points at assembly on a rostered basis.  
These opportunities and strategies to build leadership, key competencies and resilience will be available to all our intermediate age children.