Our new school uniform came into effect in January 2021.  This uniform has a 2 year transition period to allow students time to grow out of pieces that they currently own or may have recently purchased or been handed down.
  • Students are to wear either the old uniform or the new uniform and not to wear a mix of the old and new uniforms together.
  • Please note that this uniform can be worn over both the summer and winter seasons and that for winter there are layering options.
  • Please note that the Sports' Uniform is a separate uniform and no changes to this have been made. It is worn for the physical part of the school curriculum for Years 3-8 as notified by the teaching teams.   
  • The sports' uniform is sold by the PTA and consists of a monogrammed T-shirt and monogrammed shorts.  You can contact the PTA by email:

Our new uniform is as follows .....

This uniform that can be worn over both the summer and winter seasons; layering options are available for winter.

- Monogrammed green polo top with white trim or a white shirt 
- Navy drill shorts - monogrammed with O.L.A. or navy culottes /gordan tartan culottes
- Senior students (Year 7 & 8) have an additional choice of the option of the gordan tartan skirt in polyester 

Jackets: Either a plain black or navy jacket OR the navy soft shell monogrammed uniformed jacket 

Hats:  Navy blue school sunhat 

Socks:- Navy ankle socks- Navy wool long socks- Navy wool tights 

Shoes : - Black traditional school shoes- Black athletic style school shoes with a black sole- Black sandals without socks (Note: Recommended black closed toe sandal for safety)

Options for Layering
- Short sleeved poly-prop in the colours of bottle green, navy or white- Bottle green winter jumper, cardigan or polar fleece.

Headbands and ties
Navy blue or bottle green

Uniform Suppliers - Mainland Clothing

Our school uniform can be ordered either online or by visiting the store.  
Wairakei Store: 511 Wairakei Road, Burnside. Phone (03) 3603 037
Hours:  Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Saturdays from 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. 
Email:  Visit their website at: